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Year 2020.

It has been an unimaginable year.  We are all still trying to understand how to adjust to a completely new way of living and interacting with each other.  As we continue to address the injustice and inequity that clouds this country, we turn to sports as a respite and an avenue to ease back into some sort of normalcy while also using this time as a mechanism to advocate for substantive social change.

The return of sports has been circled on our collective calendars for months now.  We have all been tracking how this ‘new normal’ will shape this return. Will there be fans or no fans? How will contact take place? What will testing look like?   

And so, this is where we return as well.

At AGame365, our mission has, and will continue to be, providing unique insights to you, the sports traveler, on how to have the ultimate experience at the top sporting events around the world.

Whether it is suggesting tools for the best stay-at-home experience, or how to attend safely sporting events which allow fans, we want to provide you to latest updates on sports-related travel. We will share with you where to stay, what to do, where to eat — basically all the ins and outs of a city and the associated cultural events that occur in this ‘new normal’.

So here we are…poised for the return of sports.  So get ready and bring your A-Game!


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