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Top things to know to plan a trip to the Masters


One of the most prestigious tournaments I have attended, the Masters is honestly the hottest ticket in professional golf and that’s mostly because they are not easy to get.   It’s not only the toughest ticket to get, but this tournament has some of the highest standards when it comes to course etiquette.  So before you get to the course we have come up with a few things we think will help guide you during your visit to August National.

What should I wear?

Be appropriate.  Think business casual.  Be sure to wear comfortable shoes – as there is a lot of walking.  Do not wear golf shoes, you are not playing. Sneakers will suffice.

Where to buy merchandise?

To purchase your official Master’s swag, check out the Master’s merchandise tent near the main concessions area near the first fairway.  Or there are plenty of other souvenir stand located on the grounds throughout the course.  Merchandise can be purchased with cash, credit cards or personal checks.

What to eat?

The menu changes slightly year to year, but what can you expect to stay consistent 2401014632_78df448fe2_oyear after year is…

  1. Pimento Cheese
  2. Egg Salad
  3. Master’s Moon Pies

Menu items start at $1.  That’s right….the dollar menu has hit Augusta National!  You may be shelling out the bucks for lodging, but food and drink prices have remained low.  And the food is delicious, think elementary school lunch but way better.

Best Place to Watch

That’s got to be Amen Corner – Augusta National’s 11th, 12th and 13th holes.  If you find a good spot at the bleachers on 12, there may not be a better vantage point in all of golf.

Another great viewing spot is between the 15th green and 16th tee.  If you find just the right spot, you can watch them come in on 15 and see the action on 16.

Of course in order to find just the right gem of a spot, you’ve got to make sure you are up early and at the gate when they open. Take a brisk walk to your ideal spot, set up your chair, and then go back to bed for a couple hours. Or you can sit and enjoy the peace and quiet before the mad rush. But be sure to mark your chair though with a business card, sticker or basically anything really within reason. You will be surprised how many chairs look identical to your chair.

Don’t forget to mind your manners.

The Masters Tournament has a NO AUTOGRAPH policy, which is strictly enforced. Autograph seeking is only permitted on the practice range and on the PAR 3 course during the PAR 3 contest.

Prohibited Items

  1. Cell Phones, selfie sticks and any other technological devices are strictly prohibited.  Trust me when I tell you to save yourself a trip and leave it in your house or hotel room.
  2. Cameras are allowed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday ONLY.  Want proof you were inside the tournament? Outside of the clubhouse there is a photo op.  They will take your picture and give you a photo retrieval card.  The card will have a website and access code for you to download your picture(s) once you have left the course.
  3. Purses, backpacks or bags cannot exceed 10”x 10”x 12” – and honestly, they are a pain to carry around.  Dust off that fanny pack, you will thank me later.  Strollers are also prohibited.
  4. Most holes have designated seating areas so bring your chairs, but no folding armchairs.  Just the standard folding chair or stool.  Another seating tip?  One chair per person.  Don’t try to take ten chairs and save spots.  Those chairs will be taken up by security.  You MAY be able to get away with carrying at the most two chairs but that is a risk you must be willing to take.
  5. Don’t bring outside food or beverage.
  6. And don’t bring weapons, they aren’t allowed either…duh

There are probably a lot more don’ts that I haven’t listed, but here’s the deal, if you have to question is this allowed?  Then it probably isn’t.  The Masters Tournament doesn’t have to list out every prohibited item, they can just decide on the spot what is or isn’t allowed on the course.


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