Fried Chicken Sandwich with Spicy Mayo

Top 5 recipes that will make your weekend Masters party a success


Who’s ready for the 2016 Masters?!

If you’re lucky enough to experience the Masters Golf Tournament in person, than that’s one thing to cross off the ol’ bucket list. If it’s still on the list, don’t worry, Shonal’s Kitchen has it covered, for all you fans watching at home! Not only is the game an experience, but the food is an experience! Its classic, it’s southern and it’s downright delicious. I’ve never been one to stick to a recipe (not even my own!), so I’ve taken some of the simple classics that you would find at the actual Masters in Augusta, and put just a little Shonals spin on them.

Impress your friends and host a Masters at home party. Whip up a few of these amazing recipes and they’ll be at your door every night!

Let’s get started!

First rule of the party host thumb: Keep your guests hydrated and happy.

Every party should have a good cocktail, this one is no exception. I thought it was fitting to honor the great Arnold Palmer and spice his famous drink up a little with this Boozy Arnold Palmer cocktail. It’s light and refreshing and will make you very happy! If you can’t find limoncello, which is an Italian liqueur, you can always make a fresh squeezed lemonade and use vodka. I thought the limoncello was kind of genius though….

Boozy Arnold Palmer


8 ounces Ice tea

1-2 ounces limoncello (Italian liqueur)

Fresh lemon slices


Stir together ice tea and limoncello. Pour over ice and garnish glass with lemon slice.

Next up, we need appetizers! Some good ol’ Deviled Eggs are perfect. I absolutely LOVE deviled eggs and could probably devour this whole recipe on my own, so I recommend at least doubling it! The crispy, spicy bacon chip is what separates these from the ordinary. Let’s face it, bacon on anything, takes it to another level!


Deviled Eggs with Spicy Bacon Chips

deviled eggs


6 large eggs

2 tablespoons mayonnaise

1 tablespoons sweet pickle relish

1 teaspoon Dijon mustard

1/8 teaspoon SplenDishes Signature House Blend

2 slices smoky bacon, thin sliced

Cayenne pepper


Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Place bacon on rack over baking sheet. Sprinkle lightly with cayenne pepper and bake until crispy, about 12-15 minutes. Once cooled, break into bite size chips and set aside.

Place eggs in a single layer in a saucepan; add water to cover eggs.

Bring to a boil; cover, remove from heat, and let stand 15 minutes.

Drain immediately and fill the saucepan with cold water and ice.

Tap each egg firmly on the counter and peel under cold running water.

Using a clean knife each time, slice eggs in half lengthwise, and carefully remove yolks.

Mash yolks with mayonnaise. Add relish, mustard, and House Blend until creamy and well combined. Using a pastry bag (or zip lock bag with end cut off), pipe yolk mixture into egg whites.

Garnish each egg with a crispy spicy bacon chip.

Makes 12 eggs.

The SplenDishes Bourbon Bacon Salt used in this recipe can certainly be substituted, but if you are interested in this particular salt and other SplenDishes products, check out our website at


So I’m thinking it’s about 3rd hole…you and your guests are on your 2nd Boozy Arnold Palmer. It’s time for some cheese. I’m not talking just any cheese, I’m talking Pimento Cheese. I’ve seriously kicked this one up to the highest level. First of all, I grilled it (think gooey, oozing cheese) and second of all, I added crispy, bourbon cured bacon. You may think you’ve died and gone to heaven, but wait, you haven’t tried the Fried Chicken Sandwiches I have coming up next J

Pimento Cheese is a southern staple, the simpler, the better. I couldn’t help myself, I had to put a little spin on it with some cayenne pepper for some heat and a little bit of SplenDishes Bourbon Bacon Salt. Yeah BACON SALT. Say. No. More. And just eat.

Grilled Pimento Cheese & Bourbon Bacon Sandwiches



1 cup sharp cheddar cheese, large grate

1 cup Monterey jack cheese, large grate

½ cup mayonnaise

¼ cup pimentos, chopped

Pinch cayenne pepper

Pinch SplenDishes Bourbon Bacon Salt

8 slices bourbon cured bacon, cooked (reserve the bacon grease)

4 soft rolls, sliced in half

To Make Pimento Cheese: Combine both cheeses, mayo, pimentos, cayenne pepper and Bourbon Bacon Salt. Add additional cayenne if you like it hot! Keep covered and refrigerated for up to 2 weeks. Makes about 2 cups.

Heat grill pan on medium high heat.

Assemble sandwiches with pimento cheese and cooked bacon slices, then brush outer sides of sandwiches with reserved bacon grease (you can also use butter if you prefer).

Place in hot grill pan until golden brown, about 4 minutes on each side.

Slice in quarters and serve.

The SplenDishes Bourbon Bacon Salt used in this recipe can certainly be substituted, but if you are interested in this particular salt and other SplenDishes products, check out our website at


Now that you have experienced what cheese heaven looks like, let’s check out Fried Chicken heaven. Seriously, I make some dang good fried chicken! Actually, I’m kind of known for my fried chicken and not being from the south (originally), I take that as quite the compliment. And now that I do live in the south, I can keep up with the best of them. I’m pretty sure this was the best fried chicken sandwich I have ever had, but I guess I’m biased. Check it out for yourself. But really, how can you go wrong with hot crispy, tender, juicy chicken, spicy mayo, crunchy lettuce, salty dill pickles and extra hot sauce?? Did I mention it has Bourbon Bacon Salt?!

Fried Chicken Sandwiches with Spicy Mayo



4 chicken cutlets

1 ½ cups buttermilk or sour milk (add 1 tablespoon vinegar to milk)

4 tablespoons sriracha hot sauce

1 ½ cups all-purpose flour

1 tablespoon SplenDishes House Blend (salt, garlic, pepper, chili flake)

1 tsp cayenne pepper

¼ cup mayonnaise

Splash lemon juice

SplenDishes Bourbon Bacon Salt

12 ounces canola oil

4 kaiser rolls

Pickles, sliced


Hot sauce


To Marinate Chicken: Combine buttermilk, sriracha and chicken in zip lock bag and marinate overnight (or at least 4 hours). Be sure to take out of refrigerator 30 minutes before ready to fry.

Prep Flour Mixture: In a shallow bowl, combine flour, House Blend and cayenne pepper. Taste and add additional seasoning, if needed. Cover and set aside until ready.

Spicy Mayo: Combine mayo, sriracha and lemon juice. Keep refrigerated until ready to use.

Heat canola oil in deep fry pan on high heat until it reaches 350 degrees.

Dredge chicken in flour mixture, shaking off excess flour and gently place into oil. Fry until golden brown, about 8 minutes on each side.

Remove from oil and place on paper towels and season immediately with Bourbon Bacon Salt.

To Assemble Sandwiches: Slice Kaiser rolls in half and spread with spicy mayo. Place crispy lettuce on bottom bun, then top with chicken. Drizzle hot sauce over chicken and add pickles before topping with bun.

The SplenDishes spice blends used in this recipe can be substituted with any blend you have. If you are interested in these spice blends and other SplenDishes products, check out our website at


Do you still have room in that belly of yours? Maybe you need to sit and chill for a few holes while the food coma you have induced upon yourself, wears off….

When you’re ready, I have a little dessert for you. You have to have a little something sweet to finish off this unbelievable dining experience.

Peach Ice Cream Sandwiches



½ cup peaches, finely chopped

2 cups vanilla ice cream, softened

8 sugar cookies


Fold chopped peaches into softened ice cream and chill.

Spoon chilled ice cream in between 2 sugar cookies, wrap individually and keep in freezer.

Well that about wraps up our little Masters party, what do you think?

Until the next event, remember, Life is all about good food, good friends and good wine!





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